Killina Secondary School, 10 miles from Tullamore, Co.Offaly is to soon have direct, high definition video link to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Wed. 17th - St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland Thurs. The case's class-action status was dismissed on procedural grounds The complaint. 282 (W.D.Pa. In Ireland they founded a monastery at Inishbofin off the Mayo coast. 13th - St Gerald of Mayo, Ab., Bl. St Gerald was an Englishman who became a monk at Lindisfarne in the 8th century. Gerald Mayo v. Satan and His Staff, 54 F.R.D. St. Gerald Catholic School 200 Old Sheppard Avenue Willowdale,ON,M2J 3L9 View Map Online. It flourished and was known as a great centre of study. GERALD OF MAYO, ST. Abbot; b. Northumbria, England; d. Mayo, Ireland, 732. Abbot. The Mothers' Saint Gerard Majella (1726-1755) is known popularly today as “The Mothers’ Saint.” It may seem odd that a male religious should be the saint for mothers, mothers-to-be and those wanting to become mothers. 13th March St. Gerald of Mayo. When the synod of whitby (664) banned the observance of the Celtic date of Easter in Northumbria, St. colman left lindisfarne with all the Irish monks and with some 30 of the English monks, including Gerald. 15th - Feria Tues. 16th - St Aristobulus of Britain, Bp. The community became known as the Mayo of the Saxons. Gerald, Saint, Bishop of Mayo, an English monk, date of birth unknown; d. March 13, 731; followed St. Colman, after the Synod of Whitby (664), to Ireland, and settled at Innisboffin, in 668.Dissensions arose, after a time, between the Irish and the English monks, and St. Colman decided to found a separate monastery for the thirty English brethren. He was an Englishman with very little known about his life. Full Story; Quincentennial Art Competition & Events. St. Gerald of Mayo, a Benedictine monk and abbot, was chosen as the titular saint. He then travelled to Inishbofin in Galway with St Colman of Lindisfarne and was later made abbot of the English part of the monastery at Mayo. He called in various French clerics and monks, among whom was St. Gerald, Abbott of Moissac, who was appointed choir director of theCathedral of Toledo.. 13th March Science Department of St. Gerald's College, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. St. Gerald of Mayo. James Ingall Wedgwood Sun. St. Gerald Catholic School Faith In Action . Gerald of Mayo (died 13 March 731 AD) is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church.Born in Northumbria, the son of an Anglo-Saxon king, he was one of the English monks at Lindisfarne who accompanied Colmán of Lindisfarne to Iona and then to Ireland. 2021-2022 Bu dget Consultation. Full Story; Previous Slide Next Slide CONTACT INFORMATION. The origin comes from an incident that happened in the last months of his short life. 14th - 4th Sunday in Lent (Laetare) Mon. 18th - St Frigidian of Lucca, Bp., St Jacques de Molay, M. Fri. 19th - St Joseph of Nazareth Sat. In the latter half of the eleventh century, the archbishop of Toledo named Bernard, was delegated by the Pope to bring about an ecclesiastical reform in Spain. Sat. 1971), was a federal court case in which a prisoner filed a lawsuit against Satan and his servants in United States District Court. This occurred after the Synod of Whitby 664AD which decided against the Irish method of calculating the date for Easter. As the story goes, he accompanied St. Colman to Ireland after the Celtic way of observing Easter was forbidden in Northumbria, England. He died in 732 A.D.