Engine QuirkLeadershipEnhanced StaminaEnhanced DurabilityKeen Intellect As a delegate of his class, he is also obsessed with organization and discipline, expecting his classmates to be as rigorous as he is. Powers and Abilities: SuperHuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Statistics Amplification (Can rapidly accelerate to incredible speeds), Pseudo-Flight (Can move through the air using his Quirk to propel himself), Attack Potency: Building level (Can one-shot One-Point Bots. Age: 16 Quirk: Engine My hero name is Imperium! Following that he is humble, Tenya is also very shy about informing Izuku and Uraraka that he is a "Rich boy", … Male. Crimson Riot | Powers/Skills We tried to create this Tenya Iida Character Quiz for all anime lovers. Powers and Stats In stock on April 17, 2021. How Well Do You Know Tenya Iida? IIDA TENYA SHIRT Fan of the world of MHA - BNHA ? Jurota Shishida | Age: 16 Quirk: Engine My hero name is Imperium! JUMP TO QUIZ. 1,666 takers. Kojiro Bondo | Anime & Manga Test Anime Manga Iida ... Report. He comes with three face plates including a standard expression, a slightly blushing impatient expression and a shouting expression. His Quirk is called Engine. Death Arms | Hello! Edgeshot | Ken and Touka are quick on the battlefield, but Tenya Iida is something else entirely. Camie Utsushimi | Ingenium | He's one of Izuku Midoriya 's closest friends. 436. He's the brother of Tensei Iida, and just like his brother, he shares the same hero name. He's a very strict and rule follower person, but he's also caring for his classmates. Eijiro Kirishima | 13 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Sep 27, 2020 . Iida Tenya, second son of the great Iida hero family. After this, Tenya shows more determination to represent his brother, inheriting his hero name, Ingenium. Teachers: Ectoplasm | 0 Followers. Do you think you know everything about Tenya Iida? McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia Stain Action Figure, Multi $19.99. Nagamasa Mora | Intelligence: Having inherited his Quirk from a long line of well-known heroes, Tenya is already experienced with the ins and outs of his Quirk and thus has full control over it. Burst. Tenya Ida first appears at the U.A. Practical Entrance Exam and 4th in Aizawa's Quirk Apprehension Test. He is able to shift through numerous "gears" as he picks up speed, only being able to reach his third gear during a fifty-meter dash. Type of Hero 0 Likes. Tenya needs to fuel his engines by drinking orange juice. Tenya is a student at UA attending in hopes of following his family's legacy and becoming a professional hero. Knuckleduster | Carebear, Strawberry. My Hero Academia Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kenichi is the son of the hero Tenya Iida and inherited his father's good looks. Recently, Tenya was able to remove the mufflers from his legs so that he could grow new ones that would allow him to endure his training. Thirteen | He is also responsible and extremely attentive to the point of comedy, cleaning every speck of dust from the training ground to prevent Uraraka from using her Quirk against him. He uses his speed to outmaneuver and outsmart the opponent, in order to pull off his high damage combos. He has a soft side as well as a hard side for his enemies and is linked to the prestigious Iida family. While he still hates Stain for what he did to his older brother, Tenya nevertheless takes his words to heart and vows to become worthy of the title hero. This is most notable during the Paranormal Liberation War, when Tenya decides to go join Izuku and Shoto, who're fighting Tomura Shigaraki, despite the fact that doing this would be violating orders, because he suspected they were in trouble and wanted to help them. He holds a great deal of love and respect for his older brother, striving to be a hero just like him. He is a simple, intelligent, disciplined person. High School's Class 1-A. This boy has a very polite and charming personality, and he always makes sure that justice prevails. Blue. No. However, as time passes, he eventually learns how to become more relaxed and less stiff with the rules. He also knows how to react quickly when something unexpected happens. He says to himself that he would have done the same if he hadn't been on the exam and that maybe it's part of the test. His family is the fastest of the Avian race with their striking blue wings. Shota Aizawa | It takes the form of engine-like tubes on his calves, giving him incredible speed and kicking strength. Tenya's main power is "Engine," which is his Quirk. Seiji Shishikura | My Hero Academia Memes Buko No Hero Academia Hero Academia Characters Boku No Hero Academy Animes Wallpapers Drawing Reference My Children Aang Love Of … Other Classes: Hitoshi Shinso | Top; Latest ... Tenya Iida/the Rapid Hero: Ingenium Gym Uniform Boss4U. Once the Entrance Exams start, Tenya manages to do very well, scoring forty five points well into the exam by using his "Engine" quirk. By now, we've seen plenty of images of what Tenya Iida looks like, both in his school outfits and in his stylish hero… Tatami Nakagame | This Tenya Iida Ingenium - My Hero Academia Tenya Iida is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. Rikido Sato | Shota Aizawa (teacher)All Might (teacher)Izuku Midoriya (best friend)Ochaco Uraraka (best friend)Shoto Todoroki (best friend)Momo Yaoyorozu (good friend/class-rep partner)Eijiro Kirishima (friend)Tsuyu Asui (friend)Yuga Aoyama (friend)Denki KaminariMashirao OjiroKatsuki BakugoNejire HadoMasaki Mizushima He is currently doing an internship with his … Yes No What is his birthdate? 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Gallery 5 Variations 6 Navigation Iida and Uraraka met during the U.A. 1. Iida Tenya. Tenya's engines have multiple gears; it is currently unknown how many, but it has been implied that there are more than three. Human. He also considers himself personally responsible for their safety and considers it his duty to protect them from dangerous situations. Shoto Todoroki | Alias Browse through and read tenya iida fanfiction stories and books. After the strong comeback from My Hero Academia and Tenya Iida today with the new season that has already garnered millions of views. Source. Tenya Iida (飯田天哉, Īda Tenya) is one of the protagonists of Boku no Hero Academia and the Class President of Class 1-A. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Im Tenya, Tenya Iida. Stain (Archenemy)All For OneTomura ShigarakiKurogiriSpinnerTwice †Nine † Due to his generally quite hyperactive and intense behavior, he often has particular tics, such as moving his arms in a specific way or suddenly contracting his body. 1 INTRO 2 IIDA IS INGENIUS IN DEATH BATTLE 3 DEATH BATTLE CANNOT SEE JOHN CENA 4 PRE-BATTLE 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 POST BATTLE 7 IF THIS BATTLE HAD A SCORE Wiz: To be the best, you must gain not only your abilities, but the people's trust. Weaknesses: After using Recipro Burst his Engine stalls for a short period of time, greatly reducing his effective movement speed during this time. Tsuyu Asui | My Hero Academia. Sometimes, the greatest of fighters are ones you cannot see, or ones who are make themselves known for their great strength worldwide. After Present Mic answers his question, Tenya yells at another participant, Izuku Midoriya, for muttering too much as he is being a distraction. From the popular anime series "My Hero Academia" comes a Nendoroid of Tenya Iida, one of main character Izuku Midoriya's classmates! Greetings, Welcome To This Test! These traits allowed him to reach 6th place in U.A. Male. Blue. Snatch | Ms. Details. Gender. This item: McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia Tenya Iida Action Figure, Multicolor $16.69. Hizashi Yamada | Neito Monoma | Yuga Aoyama Origin After finishing his training, his Recipro Burst now lasts 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds. Rock Lock | Itejiro Toteki | High School training to become a Pro Hero, and the class president of Class 1-A. Comparable to other heroes in training), higher with Recipro Burst (Took Stain completely by surprise) and Recipro Extend (Stain was completely unable to react to his speed), Hypersonic with Recipro Turbo (Deku stated that his Recipro Turbo is much faster than Gran Torino, who can move this fast while being casual), Lifting Strength: Super-Human (Comparable to Shouji), Stamina: High (Was able to fight continuously for eight hours against Pixie-Bob's Earth Beasts). High School StitchyByAna 5 out of 5 stars (18) $ 4.00. Goals Fat Gum | Having inherited the alias of Ingenium, Tenya now works hard to be able to uphold his brother's Hero name as well as the reputation of the Iida Family. Wild, Wild Pussycats: Mandalay | 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Quirk 3.2 Super Moves 3.3 Stats 3.4 Equipment 4 TMNT X Pokemon 5 Trivia 6 Quotes Tenya is a tall and muscular young man. Tenya Iida Your quirk / hero Costume Quirk:Chain's Ability: this allows you to shoot chains from your any part of your body and you can control them you can also control other chains that are not from your body Overuse: It can leave you with stiff body parts so you won't be able to move for a short amount of time Hero … What is his birthdate? However, they also have the same limitations as actual engines, and will thus begin to stall if he lacks sufficient fuel (a daily allowance of orange juice) or if the exhaust pipes on the back of his legs are jammed. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Tenya_Ida?oldid=2233322. An earnest young man who comes from a wealthy family of heroes. Mashirao Ojiro | Tenya's hero costume consists of a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wears various pieces of armor, including a helmet that covers his entire head, a metal collar around his neck, a breastplate, decorative mufflers extending back from his midriff, and … who can move this fast while being casual, https://liberproeliis.fandom.com/wiki/Tenya_Iida?oldid=2242. You wake up to the scent of your mom cooking breakfast early in the morning. Do you like Tenya Iida? Tenya Iida is a mighty hero who belongs to a wealthy and well-respected family. In the auditorium before the practical portion, Tenya questions Present Mic about the four villains listed during the explanation. Nana Shimura | Sirius | High School training to become a Pro Hero, and the class president of Class 1-A. Tenya Ingenium Four Eyes (Insult by Katsuki Bakugo)Emergency Exit Iida (Nickname by Denki Kaminari) Selkie | He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. Intelligence: Having inherited his Quirk from a long line of well-known heroes, Tenya is already experienced with the ins and outs of his Quirk and thus has full control over it. My Hero Academia Memes Buko No Hero Academia Hero Academia Characters Boku No Hero Academy Animes Wallpapers Drawing Reference My Children Aang Love Of My Life.