HANDS ON SHOULDERS 's "Everybody Speaks Music" This song helps children learn direction by repeating the command 3 times. part, the girl who sings says: et vous? ?," but it's not Going Out if My Head by Little Anthony and the Imperials. I wanna know the name bc i like it like... very much. Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy https://songsear.ch/q/Girl%2C%20you%20so%20beautiful%20when%20you%20faded%2C%20faded.%20Ohh%2C%20I%20like%20you%20better%20when%20you%20faded%20faded.%20Girl%2C%20what%20are%20you%20so%20afraid%20of%2C%20fraid%20of%3F?autocomplete=Girl,%20you%20so%20beautiful%20when%20you%20faded,%20faded.%20Ohh,%20I%20like%20you%20better%20when%20you%20faded%20faded.%20Girl,%20what%20are%20you%20so%20afraid%20of,%20fraid%20of? Your body's bangin' (Sexy Lady) out of control!!! About two years ago I really liked this one song that i heard on tiktok. I'm looking for this song, it's been 5 years I been trying to find it thru google. (Point to eyes) Here are my fingers. The lyrics I remember are:Ah one, two, three, that's the last you'll see of me - don't ...... don't .......!Please help me find it, i've tried looking everywhere! Hey ladies a get funky Hey hey hey hey ladies Girls girls Hey hey hey hey ladies. Hands on shoulders, hands on knees. HeyI'm looking for a song with the lyrics 'You'll be sipping coffee and I'll be thinking of your body' and in the chorus 'Keep it going' and 'Keep it going' I heard it on the radio recently it was a pop song by a woman, hope someone can help me thanks, A song from 2006-2008 is a red hair woman singing "little britain" or something like this (is not from a show tv..is like a idependient song, was on youtube in the end of 2008, Hi! :"You could be the sun, shining in the darknessI could be the one, hold you in the silence"And we look a way, together happy endingHow beatiful its want to beWe can never be just friend"Its like an old mellow song, singing by female singer..her voice close to nikka costa voice, but it doesnt her...please help me, Hi a new wave song 1981/82 . Love! Looking for a song that keeps saying ‘all the time’ in the chorus, I think it’s a rock song and ‘all the time’ is always at the end of a line, followed by a couple seconds of instrumental rock and another line. Please add the song Ballad of a Useless Man by Paul Revere and the Raiders as this song failed to show up using several search engines. Two little lips with the teeth closed in. My thumbs are starting to wiggle, Now pretend, you have to sneeze. This is the way we scrub our legs, when we take a bath. It’s a story of their lives, guy’s doing double shifts, I think, to make ends meet. Not so long ago, you were lying on the carpet by the fire".                                     Jean Warren, MY THUMBS ARE STARTING TO WIGGLE "Hey Boy" is the third official single off of the soundtrack album "Music: Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture" for the eponymous musical co-written, co-produced and co-directed by Sia and starring her frequent collaborator Maddie Ziegler, and also Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr.. Adapted Traditional Hands behind you, if you please. She made a song with the words "Hey, mr DJ You can get me started Everybody's ready to party All night, all night All the girls are ready So we can knock ya to it Gonna party to the break of dawn, oh Everybody Move yo body Now do it Here is somethin That's gonna make ya move and groove Hey DJ Keep playin dat song All nite On and on and on Mr DJ That belongs to me. male singer ,Song ends with Now I`ve got my boots laced up.I`m gonna walk where I choose. Looking for a song that played on a tv show called saved by the bell reboot episode “house party”. Here is my nose. It has like 3 “before meeeee”. “don't leave i need you now, before meee” i hear this song while sitting in starbuck. I need help identifying a song, I can’t recall the lyrics but I do know how the album cover looks like, it has a bird in the center of the cover wearing cloth looking left. Here are my eyes. Every time I hear the beginning music to the song I need you by jellyroll, I’m reminded of a song I used to listen to early 2000sFemale singer (could possibly be Christian music)Combined with the music I explained above the only lyrics I can remember are “are you still there/here”.                 (Have children do actions with their hands) Two little eyes that open and close. The song has a male lead singer with a female singing constant "ooo" in backround. Adapted Traditional, WHERE IS THUMBKIN? (Put hands down as low as you can) I wiggle my fingers. I love that song and a lot more of his songs. I’m looking for a song it’s a man singing hold on woman singing hold on won’t be long I think it’s stuck in my head but don’t know the name of song does anyone know it please ? Here are the lyrics: “to help me make it through / I know we both feel this way / What else can I do.” Thank you :), I'm trying to find the last 43 seconds of this song : "G-Eazy Feat. My thumbs are starting to wiggle. It was released on all platforms on Thursday, November 19th. (Point to mouth) Hands behind you, if you please. (Open fingers) Love!" Touch your eyes, touch your knees; I'm looking for a rap song from the 90s I just remember the dudes voice deep and the only lyric I can remember was "do you wanna come and play with me, now tell me do you wanna come and play with me" I think idk i was a kid. (too easy and not really edm, but maybe! (Child points to eyes) Put your finger on your knee, on your knee. Does anyone know the name of the song or artist for an old R&B song with the lyrics: "... As a matter of fact, I often wonder why I think about you all the time. It’s a ballad. I know there’s a part that describes the cheaters new girl as a blonde and her going to work and cheating with her boss. Head and shoulders, head and shoulders, Hands up high, in the air, Then pull them down and touch your hair. Helppp lol. But you didn't see it"Rock/metal song, Am looking for a movie song, but I don't know the title, the song goes like this, I love you baby(2x), I will never ever let you go off my mind(2x), we bound alone, we leave alone, we die alone. Here are my toes. Here I am, here I am. Now the wiggles are out of me. and after it is...i, i, i, i, i(<-the lyrics).The song is played by a woman,and it is on english. HEARD IT ON THE RADIO BTW! by 5 Seconds of Summer. its a song with the background music from thishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuRQl4rAajsbut theres a male singing instead and the lyrics are english and undoubtedly not even the same lyrics when translated ( i think ). I can shut them tight. I’m looking for a old song, this is it lyrics (arent correct 100%). Adapted Traditional, PUT YOUR FINGER ON YOUR KNEE Both open wide. I have a little body (Point to self) Let your body groove to the music (groove to the music) Hey, hey, hey Come on, vogue Let your body go with the flow (go with the flow) You know you can do it Beauty's where you find it Not just where you bump and grind it Soul is in the musical That's where I feel so beautiful Magical, life's a ball So get up on the dance floor Come on, vogue Let your body move to the music (move to the music) Hey, hey, hey … With the teacher up front doing it, ELL can be successful! I learnt that song 25 years ago, but it may be much older, from my english teacher and I've never been able to find it again. Its for sure 2010' the girl is singing "just keep it turns up" Or something very simmilar. This is the way we scrub our stomachs, when we take a bath. Where is Thumbkin, where is Thumbkin? of very old song: .When I'm gone, you wait and see, you'll all be sorry that you picked on me. Open up your mouth,                 Have children act out actions in the rhyme, Hands on shoulders, hands on knees. Please someone help me find this song it was on the beauty hacks from snapchat the lyrics go: im losing my mind staring at your body all eyes on you checking out the way you move im looking from across the bar babe ive never seen someone so lovely, Hello! That’s the way this game begins. Point to body parts as the song indicates. That help me play. Does anyone know this song? I guess I'll go right on loving you. Later part. There is this song I’ve been dying to put back in my head, it’s literally driving me insane! It was the third single from their debut album Dreamland (1990), and was released in March 1990 in most countries. (Child points to nose) i can’t find it anywhere ? Let’s measure to see I wasnt born then im not old school so idk know but my mom is but she dont know so.... i wanna know like really, Heyy can yall help me?I'm searching for a song, I think there is something like "cmon and show me your wish" and "when i said true you said love! A Hey Body surgiu com a ideia de facilitar a sua vida e suas compras! I need some helping finding a song I heard on Monday Night Raw August 1, 2016 “Think we’re gonna make it make it think we’re gonna make it make it” It was in the beginning in the recap, Hi I’m looking for the song from series “Terrace House:Aloha State that’s lyrics I catch up from series please find this song (it Spanish and English song) “i want you feel you are dancing with me, i can't take this for no, with you i'm just dancing tonight, you make me want more, oh babe if i could just have you one night yeah”, I’m looking for the song that goes like “ This is your anthem, all you broken-hearted. Does anyone know the one that goes " if they want to leave then shake there hand and let them go its gonna be hard but if thye loved you darling you know so stop begging them to stay they're not the one and that's okay", What's the title for this song and the artists.you are one i wanna be with wanna know all your secrets love is so strong and the feels you are the I need you are the I need if I should win by your love babe is as if they drug me all day i never wanna make you feel lonely girl you are my one and only lyrics.                                 Traditional. I can open them up wide. True! Now your hair and now your toes. guys i'm looking for this song with lyrics like this“I can’t stop it, it’s ugly but honest. Sounds good, feels good: She maxed her credit cards and don't got a job: She pays the gas with all the change in her car: It's not the end of the road: Yeah, we've all been there before and it goes oh (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) There's a million things to be, but deep down in my heart, I want to be a kid. Tune:  “Frere Jacques”. Hands up high, in the air, Love Myself Lyrics: Hey! The girl sings first and the lyrics that I have been able to get, they go like "Cause we know we got something wrong.." and then some few lines after "Yeah it drives you insane, when I'm screaming your name.."Is anyone there to help? There's a song that starts with a soft guitar playing and a man singing the lyric "away".                                 Traditional We're gonna do some things we never do. It’s pop. Lay them in your lap. Around and around and around. I can be your new addiction Hey baby, what you gotta say? Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons!