244 Mins Read. Read it and find out. x ... and immediately stabbed her in the leg with the weapon. 0. Criminal Minds Fan Fic - Reid stabbed in back. Unsub Reid, but with a little bit of a lightly Catch Me If You Can inspired twist- What happens when the BAU is called in to profile a high-profile con artist instead of their usual murderers and kidnappers? I feel like Reid is constantly getting hurt so this seemed like a fitting topic. Masterlist-Your eyes observe the empty room you’ve been kidnapped for 2 days. While Reid is still recovering from his run in with Tobias Hankel, a young profiler comes into his life, she helps him put his life back together. Because the tone of Rossi's voice was the one that made it perfectly clear that Reid was in deep trouble and would most likely end up over someone's knee soon. Feedback: Will earn you some of Garcia's chocolate fudge cookies. (TV 2017) (5) Marvel Cinematic Universe (4) NCIS (2) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (2) Angel: the Series (1) Include Characters Spencer Reid (527) Derek Morgan (420) Aaron Hotchner (377) Reid kept his voice somewhat quiet but polite, trying not to let his annoyance show. Apr 21, 2015. ohhh. He pulled open the door and blinked at the stranger standing in the hall, "uh hi, can I help you?" 0. first time i saw it i thought reid actually said it. "Rossi?" A Criminal Minds Fanfiction . ... Reid stormed out of Strauss’s office, furious at Gideon. Criminal Minds (US TV) (533) Criminal Minds RPF (16) Supernatural (8) X-Men - All Media Types (5) S.W.A.T. Reid swallowed as he slowly turned to face Rossi, fumbling a little with his crutches as he did so. 7949. Lost Fic. ... FanFiction is taking any form of entertainment—be it movie, book, show, etc, and making a “cover” of it with writing to make it their own. The Next Victim Chapter 1: Teaser, a criminal minds fanfic. "Sit down," Rossi ordered, making Reid swallow again. Spencer Reid x Reader. She first appears in the Season Three episode "3rd Life", where she was abducted by Ryan's Gang and was saved by her father Jack Vaughn, a former hitman. All Or None (Criminal Minds Fanfic) #Wattys2017. Spencer has a seizure in the bullpen. Title: Abstract Brilliance Rating: G Summary: Reid has a broken wrist. Might loosely follow the plot of the movie/musical at times. ... FBI Agent Dr. Spencer Reid has worked for a team of criminal profilers on the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit since he was twenty-two, has three PhD's, two BA's, an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and has had an uncountable amount of bad days. "Just a second," called Reid as he pushed his glasses back up his nose and flicked on a light to see where he was going. but nope :) so cya later. The BAU Team as Family (Criminal Minds) Team as Family; Slow Burn; Summary. Why you ask? he squeaked. Though the first chapter feature's mostly Hotch, I expect future chapters to feature a lot more of Reid, and probably some of the rest of the team. Abstract Brilliance, a criminal minds fanfic. Language: English Words: 1,967 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 24 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 536 Got Stabbed. tramatized spencer reid; Protective BAU Team (Criminal Minds) The BAU Team as Family (Criminal Minds) Summary. I’ve had a lot of success and understanding come out of using this explanation so I thought to post it here. ... Criminal Minds (US TV) (280) Criminal Minds RPF (18) NCIS (2) Supernatural (1) Doctor Who (1) Original Work (1) Bones (TV) (1) Dirk Pitt - Clive Cussler (1) X-Men - … Down Pour Chapter 1: 8:00 am, a criminal minds fanfic. Lindsey Vaughn (real name unknown) is a prolific, international, and psychopathic serial killer, hitwoman, proxy killer, stalker, gangster, one-time copycat, one-time cop killer, one-time abductor, and one-time arsonist. You just unblindfolded minutes ago and there’s no one in this room but you, chair you sit on, a desk and a lamp. Archive: Absolutely, just lemme know. By thementalist2. Be the first to like this issue!