Soon afterwards Olga, the unstable wife he left for Allie, arrives with their sons Leo and Justin. One Tree Hill. It's the start of Waterloo Road's new bike bank scheme, which Vaughan hopes will show the school off to the community. The council and its supporters are out in force to convince the community and parents that the merger is the best outcome for everyone. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Waterloo Road with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at With the Lowsleys and Hector gone, Vaughan brings in a new deputy, Lorna Hutchinson, and surly gym teacher Danny Spencer, with his protégé, budding cycle champion Dale Jackson, whose single-mindedness alienates the other boys. Episode: Series 10 Episode 20 Airdate: Monday 9th March 2015 (8.30pm on BBC3) The day of the consultation has arrived and it's Waterloo Road's last chance to halt the merger with Havelock High. There will be 20 episodes. Carol spots an opportunity to exploit the school when she fakes an injury but Vaughan is quick to see through her scheme, how long will she last? With Christine demoted a new head teacher arrives - Vaughan Fitzgerald, with his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Some of the other students rebel against Marco's textbook teaching methods, tensions run high at the PTA meeting as the staff and parents discuss the implications of a merger with Havelock High. Company Credits (8 episodes, 2007-2013) Matthew Evans. The tenth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on BBC One on Wednesday, October 15 2014. Series 8 cast 1-22. added by SilverPatronus. Dale is unable to come to terms with his failure to make the cycling team and tries to find his adrenaline rush elsewhere, but Lenny worries his friend's increasingly reckless behaviour is leading him on a path to self-destruction. The tenth and final series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began airing on 15 October 2014 on BBC One, before moving to BBC Three in January 2015 for the final 10 episodes. But Scott Fairchild has other ideas and it's Kevin who suffers the consequences. Following Christine standing down as headmistress, the new headmaster, Vaughan Fitzgerald, arrives at Waterloo Road with his mismatched family, consisting of his new partner, Art teacher Allie Westbrook, her two children Floyd and Tiffany, and Vaughan's argumentative sons Justin and Leo. Hector decides he has had enough of sneaking around and threatens to tell Simon about his affair with Sue. Gabriella Wark returns to school to find some students determined to make her life difficult. The final line of the series is a quote from Grantly Budgen, the show's longest-serving character: "...I turned up for a week's cover - ended up staying 25 years". Ahh, Lucas and Nathan Scott, who could forget! His classmates are all behind him, but the pressure of mock exams has interrupted his stringent training routine, leaving Lenny concerned about how little his friend has been eating. One of Waterloo Road's most iconic characters, gobby Janeece was always getting into trouble. (11 episodes, 2006-2011) Fraser Macdonald. It's the day Dale has been waiting for, a rare opportunity to try out for a professional cycling team. Cast and characters Staff. Neil Pearson and Nicola Stephenson join the cast as new headmaster Vaughan Fitzgerald and his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook, as Waterloo Road opens its doors for another new term. Vaughan is determined that the school makes a good impression when the PTA spends the day visiting Waterloo Road and its swanky rival Havelock High. Many years ago, the popular TV show Waterloo Road appeared on our TVs. Waterloo Road fans excited all 10 series are now available on iPlayer - but where are the cast now? Allie comes up with a way to restore peace in her new house, but Justin is still very much on edge. His birthday turns into a disaster as Tiffany is on the edge of leaving him. ... Death in Paradise season 10 airs on Thursday and Friday this week. | I didn’t watch waterloo road when it originally ended, and I’m not sure if it’s classed as a soap so apologies if this is the wrong place to post. Support Sporcle. The tenth series consisted of twenty … Series 8 cast 1-22. added by SilverPatronus. After Justin sees a boy shoplifting, he takes matters into his own hands and tries to help. Waterloo Road has been axed by the BBC and will not return after 2015 (BBC) BBC1 drama Waterloo Road is to be axed following a 10th series after “reaching the end of its life cycle”. After nine years of classroom drama, which has seen seven headteachers come and go, a merger with public school John Fosters and even a move from Rochdale to Greenock, the time has finally come to close the gates on Waterloo Road in the last-ever episode. Meanwhile, Sonya worries about the results of her cancer screening and Leo forms an unhealthy attachment to a computer game, and when George confiscates his laptop in class, it becomes apparent how serious his addiction really is. The original teaching cast of Waterloo Road back in 2006 (Image: Shed Productions). The 58-year-old actor has appeared in many popular TV shows including the Tracey Beaker series The Dumping Ground, A Gert Lush Christmas, Grantchester, The Good Karma Hospital, and Unforgotten, to name a few. Waterloo Road Series 10. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Official Sites Retrieved from " ". Neil Morrissey played Deputy Head, Eddie Lawson, on Waterloo Road and has since gone on to have a hugely successful TV career. Lorna is shocked by the sudden appearance of her estranged husband at the school, but as he lends some much-needed expertise to the campaign, will she reconsider her feelings for him? Release Dates The fifth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 28 October 2009 and ended on 15 July 2010 on BBC One. However forgetting Hector proves easier said than done, especially when he makes an impassioned plea for her to stay. A new drama is being planned for the same slot. Greere played a closeted gay musician who was not just hard-working and talented but also worked really hard to help out the lesser gifted students of the school. You can watch all nine series of the American drama on All 4 now. One Tree Hill. The 58-year-old actor has appeared in many popular TV shows including the Tracey Beaker series The Dumping Ground, A Gert Lush Christmas, Grantchester, The Good Karma Hospital, and Unforgotten, to name a few. Hector finds an ally in Sue, while Allie feels unnerved as Vaughan and the boys get ready to visit Olga on her birthday. Find out when Waterloo Road is on TV, including Series 10-Episode 11. Waterloo Road, BBC One's long-running school drama, has "reached the end of its lifecycle" and will not return after series 10 By Anita Singh 02 April 2014 • 10:48 am • Clarence Charles (Steve Money, series 1, 4; guest series 3), Donte's father. New head Vaughan Fitzgerald arrives with his partner Allie and her two children. To be honest I don’t think my heart feels like it’s been ripped into pieces because I’d prepared myself for what’s coming. Back in 2006, it was a time when a vest top paired with an oversized waist belt was the height of fashion, £10 of phone credit would last you a month of texting your spikey-haired, frosted-tipped bae and nobody was entirely sure who or what a Kardashian was. Vanessa Hehir as Sue Lowsley; Science teacher (10 episodes), Stefano Braschi as Marco D'Olivera; newly qualified teacher in Science (8 episodes), Zebb Dempster as Leo Fitzgerald (20 episodes), Caitlin Gillespie as Lisa Brown (20 episodes), Mark Beswick as Darren Hughes (19 episodes), Rebecca Craven as Rhiannon Salt (19 episodes), Je'Taime Morgan Hanley as Shaznay Montrose (19 episodes), Leo Flanagan as Floyd Westbrook (10 episodes), Andrew Still as Scott Fairchild (10 episodes), Kane Tomlinson-Weaver as Harley Taylor (10 episodes), Armin Karim as Abdul Bukhari (9 episodes), Sammy Oliver as Tiffany Westbrook (9 episodes), Finlay MacMillan as Dale Jackson (9 episodes), Nicola Grier as Selina Wilson; Director of the Waterloo Road and Havelock High merger (3 episodes), David Michaels as Colin Bond; Headteacher of Havelock High (2 episodes), Andy Rush as Danny Spencer; Dale's cycling coach (2 episodes), Claire Cage as Sophie Mitchell; Abdul's social worker (1 episode), Peter F. Gardiner as Mr. Dunbar; Headteacher of Havelock High (1 episode), Bobby Rainsbury as Mandy Ruskin; Mental health patient who befriends Leo (1 episode), Maarten Stevenson as Mickey McArthur; Pupil at Havelock High (1 episode), This page was last edited on 25 February 2021, at 16:57. George struggles to admit that his partner Carol Barry has bled him dry over the summer. THE Syndicate is coming back to our screens after five years and fans couldn't be happier about it. Christine notes chemistry between Sue and Hector, but is it enough to tempt Sue to cheat? Waterloo Road has been axed by the BBC and will not return after 2015 (BBC) BBC1 drama Waterloo Road is to be axed following a 10th series after “reaching the end of its life cycle”. More information coming soon T. Tiffany Westbrook. There will be 20 episodes. Sue Lowsley. Many years ago, the popular TV show Waterloo Road appeared on our TVs. It's a new term, and Vaughan is ready to battle to stop the merger, resulting in the employment of Lorna Hutchinson, and opening the school to troubled pupils, such as Scott Fairchild and Kenzie Calhoun. Hector and Sue finally share a passionate kiss, while Tiffany and Justin also give into their feelings. But with Lisa and Shaznay causing mischief and tensions with George at boiling point, can the new head pull it off? I think it’s pretty good. Denise played Waterloo Road's relatively useless but fun-loving french teacher Steph Haydock from series 1 until the end of series 5. Sonya makes a discovery about Guy that forces her to confront her guilty secret. Meanwhile, Marco grows suspicious of Lorna's ex-husband, only for his meddling to make Rob angry and put Marco and Kenzie's lives in danger. Waterloo Road (2006–2015) Series Cast & Crew. 1. Waterloo Road is given the news that the merger will not go ahead. Note: First appearance of Lorna Hutchinson, Carrie Norton, Kenzie Calhoun, Bonnie Kincaid, Scott Fairchild and Dale Jackson. The much-loved drama told the stories … Newly qualified Marco and trainee Guy start work, but it's not long before Guy recognises Carrie Norton and the school comes down heavily on their relationship. It said Waterloo Road would not return after its 10th series. Kevin gains access to the pupils predicted grades, which results in Lisa and Shaznay organising an exam protest, but the whole encounter completely stresses Lenny out and results in him having a panic attack. Waterloo Road fans were excited to discover that all 10 series of the Rochdale-based school drama are now available to view on BBC iPlayer. Go Orange. (8 episodes, 2009-2010) Roberto Bangura. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. George Windsor makes an unexpected appearance at the school dance with some important information about the future of Waterloo Road which is now under threat as the council want to merge it with nearby school Havelock High. The episode did not appear in the top 30 viewings on the BARB website, "Waterloo Road to lose primetime BBC One slot", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See relevant weeks)", "BBC One - Waterloo Road, Series 10, Episode 11, A New Start",, Articles with failed verification from July 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Can you name the Waterloo Road characters by their pictures shown? Christine and Lorna fight over who should lead the new PTA. by tatty16 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . V. Vaughan Fitzgerald.