College cheerleader Talyn Jefferson was allegedly removed from her school's cheerleading team after wearing a bonnet to practice. If you made it via a bank transfer then sorry, but your chances of getting it back are pretty darn slim. Doing the touristy thing". Instagram "Mountains of love for this birthing dream team!" Some other known pay for shipping/processing fee scams I’ve already exposed that you should watch out for include the Legit Flex Job Academy & Envelope Work programs. I strongly hope that my post here exposing the Instagram brand ambassador scam has given you a good insight into how it all works & more importantly I hope it has helped you to avoid falling victim to it. I continued with the program for 2 days and quickly backed out. You should never have to pay anything upfront to participate as an ambassador. Sanflairofficial also is a scam. Earlier today, the Be The One crooner took to her Instagram handle to share several photographs from her Grammys 2021 performance to celebrate the achievement by penning a sweet note for her entire team. yep. Sounds good to you? I am sorry to have to be abrupt, but this is important for you to learn otherwise you will just end up getting scammed again. If you don’t, don’t worry, we have other solutions! I was messaged by them to put in 3 orders. Instagram Help Center. That’s a really great encouragement. I’ve never been a brand ambassador before, so I wasn’t sure the whole email me personally can be trusted or not. So yeah, if you do have a relatively large follower base on Instagram (or know how to get one) then affiliate marketing is definitely something you should look into as if done properly it’ll definitely take your income to new heights. You’re welcome Pati, glad you managed to dodge it . Thought it sounded to good to be true. I don’t know how I could make it any clearer than by saying you should NEVER have to pay anything. If however, you made the payment by other means through a 3rd party merchant such as PayPal then you may be in luck – because you have an intermediary you can contact that often has the power to reverse the funds. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. It looked to me fake as I hardly have followers but it made me think If you paid via direct bank transfer then the chances are you will not be covered by any protection. Thought the shipping was too high. We will give you our limited edition $125 watch for in 100% discount and in exchange we only ask you to send us a photo with you and your watch as soon as it arrives and also cover the small shipping fee will that be okay with you? out $58 in shipping. Through my free Commission Academy training series, you'll discover how you turn your passions into profits & launch a thriving affiliate business, even if you're a beginner with no previous experience. Its actually fake right ??? 68,099 talking about this. Uhm I was asked to be an ambassador for a jewellery company, I don’t know if it’s legit or not… Please help me…. Hi! Here’s a scam you need to look out for and how to protect yourself, VIDEO: Ryan Shazier retires from Steelers years after horrific in-game injury, DOWNLOAD the Channel 11 News app for breaking news alerts. The only difference were a couple of typos. So be sure to write exactly what happened, what you thought you were going to get & the important bit, which is what you actually got. 46.9k Followers, 0 Following, 5,178 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from HER (@_her.official_) On the fake account there was no "i" in Angie, so it was “Ange Moreschi.”. I came across your profile and I saw you’ve got this charisma of a model potential which I also found you perfect to wear our products. Washington home for sale, Westmoreland Co. pharmacy accused of price gouging during pandemic, must pay back customers, Do you use Instagram? I put up my best but really like social media. There supposed to be paying for you. A true ambassadorship deal should NEVER require the ambassador to make a purchase (discounted or not). If you have a consumer issue that you’d like 11 Investigates' Angie Moreschi to look into, contact her at What about it? Thank you! . If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, You should NEVER have to pay anything upfront. Hi Dale, just finished reading everything you wrote here. ArtReview News 07 April 2021 But anyway i was thinking about that one week and now i found this website so thank you !!! ... writing on Instagram… Spice used Instagram Live to explain her side of things with regards to Team Spice members Dancing Rebel, TC, and Pretty Pretty. They wanted me to put in THREE orders (25$ shipping) rather than 1 order with just the shipping. But I’ve got some bad news, because whilst there are indeed many legitimate brand ambassador opportunities sadly at the moment there’s a huge influx of brand ambassador scams on Instagram, nicknamed the “Instagram pay for shipping scam”. The above message is simply a trick to get you to become a customer & you should not fall for it. Secondly I would like to stress that what you have mentioned sounds extremely suspicious, and I do personally suspect it to be a scam. An unedited photo of Khloé Kardashian hit the internet, and her team quickly sprang into action to take it down. P.S. Soon after, the 33-year-old actress shared more pics of the newborn on her Instagram Story, while thanking her "birthing dream team." So even if the account appears to look legit you should fall back to the 2 golden rules that I mentioned earlier: There are certainly plenty of people that do make really good money from brand ambassador deals on Instagram deals that’s for sure – but if they knew what I’m about to share with you then they’d likely be making a LOT more…. . This article helped me to get out of it and from losing more money. All too often I hear stories of people leaving sentences like “been scammed, need money back” in their dispute comments & whilst it may be the truth, it’s not going to really do much for your case. When she declined and said it made her uncomfortable, they disabled her account. PITTSBURGH — The FBI said online scams have spiked during the COVID-19 crisis, and one of the most frustrating scams is having your identity stolen on social media. Needless to say, her fans loved it. I’ll be waiting for you with your order number so that I could get you onboard to our ambassador program. Sorry you had to lose out Kelli but you have saved many others. Yeah… I’m not big or anything like that on social media.. I got the same thing but… all they said was you have been chosen for the ambassador program and use this code to get your free camera still dylocam though. Thanks buddy. Equinox play Bluetooth speaker, another ambassador scam with the shipping. There should be NO reason for a company who wishes for you to promote for them to ever ask you for money. See Content You’ve Recently Deleted on Instagram. That’s no good for you though because although you’ll have had a one-time payment, once that’s paid you’re not going to be getting any more money unless you actively seek other brands to pay you again. Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla & Dior Team Up For A New Fragrance. That’s why she believed they made their own videos. I was contacted by a company on Instagram and I thought it was too good to be true and ignored by own red flags. The person asked me to be part of their brand ambassador. Learn how to use Instagram, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions. , You’re welcome, I’m glad you didn’t pay it , Anyone knows if equinoxplay speaker is legit or fake. Hey recently even I was approached by these ppl? Katrina Kaif is currently shooting for a project in Maldives. You see the problem with most brand ambassador deals is that they just offer one-time payments… So it’s a case of “post this & we’ll pay you this” – then once you’ve posted it, it’s job done, then they simply move onto looking for other influencers to get them to do the same. Steer clear of those if you happen to come across them. ✔ You will get a chance to pick three (3) items from our Ambassador Collection for FREE! But what about yukio hishika? Glad you dodged it Monique, thanks for your comment , Same thing with daniel philip watch (shipping fee), good thing is just almost 20 usd and Ive learned my lesson. Thanks for your comment . ... and a travel enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY. How Courteney Cox and Her Team Relied Upon ‘Experimental Production’ for Pregnancy Docuseries Amid Coronavirus. There’s ONE question you need to ask – are they asking you to pay money upfront? In short, the Instagram brand ambassador scam is not actually a new scam, it’s a scam that’s been around for many years but it’s merely taken a new form in the hope of catching more people out… And sadly it seems to be working! Please help. Recurring income or pay per sale income sounds much better right? So, for example, the likes of Amazon have an affiliate program which you can sign up to – and if you do then you get a unique link to their products which you can share… Then as per the image below, if somebody clicks that link & makes a purchase, you get paid. . I did the Activ Cam one as well… Fortunately it seemed too good to be true and wasteful for a brand to give out 3 cameras worth “1200$” for free to someone that has 378 followers on Instagram. All last week I got hit up about becoming an ambassador from at least 8 different companies.. and because I didn’t no any better I paid a lot for shipping… I knew something wasn’t right in spirit about it for the best couple of days so I reached out to my friend on Instagram.. and sure enough she let me know that she gets hit up with those type of messages all of the time, and I should never pay for anything. I’m in a situation where I became an ambassador for a small company. I’ve said it time & time again throughout the post & in the comments, if you have to pay ANYTHING, it is NOT legit. Yeah I was speaking to a guy who got actually conned with the watch ambassador scam – same thing, they gave him a “code” to enter on the checkout page of their website. Team TWENTY20 owner/manager Nicola Cranmer was all about horses while growing up in southern England, but she always rode her bike to get to the stables. Hi there, I just got approached by a Instagram page called “recruiting ambassadors” asking me to be a ambassador for another page called “palmpe” also asking me to cover the shipping fees for jewelry and upon googling their name I came across this article, so thank you so much cause I’m pretty sure now that they are a scam! Instagram sent her an email asking that she attach a photo of herself holding a government issued ID to verify her identity. 80% of the fee will go to these charitable institutions to help the children in need. Several of her friends said they got messages from the fake account saying, “Hey how are you?”. @kizzyphd/Instagram Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett documented her first dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine on Instagram. She said she was shooting for five days with her team in the Maldives. , Discover The 4-Step Method That Enabled Me To Leave My Job & Begin Earning Money Online, This website is reader-supported. . After reading this, I felt like you could be right. Along with thanking her "incredible team", Dua also expressed being grateful to be able to do what she loves doing every day. On the flip-side, I’ve also got some good news for you, which is that if you keep reading this post I’ll show you how to tell a REAL Instagram brand ambassador offer from a phoney (and on top of that I’ll also explain exactly how the scam works along with how to get your money back if you’ve already been caught out). Kriti Sanon recently started shooting for her upcoming film, Bachchan Pandey. As an example, Nike has a lot of different official Instagram pages for their brand – such as @nike, @nikesportswear, @nikelondon, @nikefootball etc…. Why don’t you know if it’s legit or not? This helped me from being scammed by Palmpe official, thank you! Hi, I was scammed by Palmpe. Unfortunately it snowballed, and her friends also got spoofed. They said I get 50% off and free shipping if I become an ambassador? I was this close to filling my card details…. Instagram guru and author Rachel Hollis said she is sorry after she appeared to attribute a famous Maya Angelou quote to herself on her Instagram account, while simultaneously blaming it on her team. Former Steelers’ player Ian Wild lists his newly renovated Mt. They said I would get $300 right after the order via PayPal. Always use a delivery locker, or similar to receive the package. Hello Isaac – firstly I’d like to apologise for taking a little while to get back to you. So I came across an Instagram story searching for ambassadors for action cameras (Dylo cam) and you had to write down why you’d be a good ambassador. Here’s our exciting offers, so joining the ambassador team at Bonali is probably one of the COOLEST OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE!! And many of the scammers often take advantage of this by creating their own, such as @nikegiveaways (just a fictitious name I’ve used as an example) – through which they promise to give away free goods to anybody who shares the profile on their own page. Made it to 10k on Instagram and then I got this activcam message thing. You are a life saver thanks, You’re welcome, glad you managed to dodge it . Thank you for writing this! You have very little recourse if Instagram requires you to send your ID. His daughter, Mallory, is very successful in her own right – just for a slightly different reason. However, I haven’t received the Paypal and they stopped responding. We live & learn I guess Michael, that’s the only way you can look at it. As I outlined VERY clearly in my post above, you should never have to pay anything – the company should always cover ALL costs.