If you don’t remember the Maximilian – or Shiny Flakes – darknet bust of 2015, let me refresh your memory: a 20-year-old black market vendor named Maximilian S. was caught with over 300 kg of drugs. The real-life Moritz, however, couldn't elude the police for long. In no time, Maximilian's venture went through the roof and he made millions of euros worth of Bitcoin. Jetzt packt "Shiny-Flakes"-Betreiber Maximilian S. aus. Maximilian S., was arrested at the end of February 2015 for running a vendor shop selling drugs on both the darknet and on the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet visible to everyone). Im Leipziger Stadtteil Gohlis wohnte Maximilian S. alias Shiny Flakes noch bei seiner Mutter. There’s no shortage on vendors getting busted and buyers getting sentenced. Si crees que esta aventura duró nada más que unas semanas o meses, te equivocas ¡Shiny Flakes … Das hinderte ihn trotzdem nicht daran zwischen 2013 und 2015 Drogen in die ganze Welt zu verschicken. Ein durchaus mildes Urteil im Verhältnis zu der Menge an Drogen, um die es ging. Pero, Maximilian S. no vendía pocas clases de droga, tenía todo un variado repertorio de estupefacientes sintéticos e incluso hacía sugerencias sobre las sustancias que compraban sus clientes. Aus Angaben der Staatsanwaltschaft geht hervor, dass er dabei mehr als 600 Kilogramm auslieferte. It seems like news on darknet black markets is becoming more and more frequent in the media these days. “It was a crazy idea, I came across internet drugstore trafficking and thought I could do better, two weeks later I was in business,” Shiny Flakes answered to Judge Urban Ruppert’s question. During the trial, the 22-year-old Maximilian S. was asked by the judge to explain how his operation was running. “Our observation started in March 2014, and from this day on, we got more and more information about the darknet and Shiny Flakes,” she told Wired. View attachment 45718 The trial of Maximilian S., the alleged operator of the online drug market Shiny Flakes, began Monday in Leipzig. Yes, 'How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)' is based on the real-life story of the then-18-year-old Maximilian S, who in 2013 created an online shop called Shiny Flakes to sell drugs. Maximilian S.'s lawyer, Stefan Constable, said that his client found himself in a hamster wheel and was "looking for a kick" in creating Shiny Flakes—adding that his … https://www.myp-magazine.com/interview/how-to-tell-a-good-story-fast The District Court of Schwabach sentenced a German man to probation and to pay a fine for ordering narcotics from the already convicted vendor Shiny Flakes.. Shiny Flakes made headlines in 2015 after police raided the house of 20-year-old Maximilian S. A Leipzig Court charged Maximilian with the total weight of the drugs he had sold: 914 kilograms of methamphetamine, MDMA, amphetamine, cocaine, LSD, among many others. Shiny Flakes, AKA. Mehr als 900 Kilo sollen es insgesamt gewesen sein. While the authorities continue trying to auction off the 1,197 bitcoins seized from his 10 wallets, his lawyer, Stefan Costabel, is pouring over the many boxes of investigation files, preparing for what may be his hardest defense ever. After Maximilian S.’s surprising confession at the end of September, the presiding judge, Norbert Göbel, found him guilty of constructing and running the Shiny Flakes online shop.