then continue to Narvik. A B-1B Lancer assigned to the 345th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron flies over the Arctic Circle, Sept. 25, 2020. In general, I think you can do SO much stuff with them in Lapland, like dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice-fishing. There are 9 ways to get from Bergen to Arctic Circle by plane, bus, train, ferry, night bus or car. Days 10-11 - Across the Arctic Circle to Bodø and the Midnight Sun Departing Trondheim, we travel north on the Nordland Railway for our 452- mile journey to Bodø†. To reach Kiruna, there are 2 night trains daily from Stockholm to Kiruna. Fall Northern Lights tours. Great to hear that Angela! By night, we headed to Tinja Mountain Farm, where we met a native Sámi senior, listened to his childhood stories, dined on gourmet Nordic cuisine, and went hunting for the Northern Lights – it was a perfect way to end our Lapland journey. There are also many excellent ski slopes in Narvik. For many, this northern extreme is a mystery â€“ where the midnight sun shines endlessly in summer and the stunning Northern Lights dance in the sky during the long, polar winter nights. You can also book a seat in a 2nd Class carriage. The first part of our journey is by coach to Fauske, including a scenic ferry crossing. The entire journey takes approx. Anyhow, I\’m sure you\’ll get to Norway soon but give Finland a chance too! The Nordland Line is a 452-mile train connection between Trondheim and Bodø in Northern Norway. ScandinavianRail Passes and Train Tickets. The 345th EBS, comprised of Reserve and active-duty Airmen from Dyess AFB, Texas, were in Alaska to support a Bomber Task Force mission. We ventured up to the slopes of Narvikfjollet and challenged ourselves to an obstacle course that got us swinging, jumping and hanging like monkeys. To book this route, please click Book Your Trip and then enter the train station of your point of origin (Kiruna) and the train station of your destination (Narvik or vice versa). we have about total 10 days to spend. Or combine your train trip with an adventurous cruise and visit remote islands in the frozen arctic, such as Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island. 2-3 a.m. arrival back at your accommodation in Fairbanks. Located at the edge of the Ofoton fjord, Narvik is enveloped within a beautiful bay, surrounded by the sea, mountain slopes and ski pistes. One of the main goals of this trip was to see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. Artic Circle (Sic) in Alaska is currently under threat of oil exploitation by the administration of the United States Government. hi Adeline! Several hikes begin and end here – or you could walk back to Abisko along a section of the Rallarvägen trail. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. It will take you through fertile farmland and great forests in Trøndelag, across the majestic Saltfjellet range, and down to the coast between Rognan and Bodø. Hope this helps! Hello! Kiruna is the place to experience the midnight sun, polar night and the fantastical Northern Lights as they illuminate the skies with cascades of colour. The price is amazing, considering how expensive things usually are in Scandinavia. It is the only rail line to cross the Arctic Circle. Hope that helps! , which is a flexible three-day ticket that allows you to hop on and off as much as you like (364 SEK or US$44). Thank you for all of this information and a great article. Do you recommend taking Artic Circle train in January with two boys (6 &10)? The Arctic Circle outlined on the map in yellow is the region surrounding the North Pole. hey Sebastian, where did you end up studying? Besides the array of good hotels, restaurants and bars, there’s also the Artikum Museum which tells stories about Lapland, its history, culture and nature. It offers stunning scenery of Lapland and lets you see many of the rural parts of Scandinavia that are not accessible by cars. So where can I cross the Arctic Circle in Sweden? In Fauske we board the train for a journey that delivers almost continuous panoramic views of beautiful, untouched wilderness, crossing the Arctic Circle along the way. Our compartments were comfortable and clean and the facilities included a shower and towels. This particular sortie included flying across the Arctic Circle to train with the Norwegian air force. Unfortunately, there’s no direct train between Rovaniemi and Kiruna. The Arctic Circle train goes from Kiruna to Narvik in Norway, stopping in Abisko enroute. We would like to get to Abisko from Rovaniemi. The next worthwhile stop along the Arctic Circle line is Björkliden. There are two daily train services between Kiruna and Narvik. The Arctic Circle is one of the two polar circles and the most northerly of the five major circles of latitude as shown on maps of Earth.It marks the northernmost point at which the centre of the noon sun is just visible on the December solstice and the southernmost point at which the centre of the midnight sun is just visible on the June solstice. We stayed overnight there then continued by train to Abisko. The Arctic Circle Train is also a great way to get from one Arctic town to another and you might even have the chance to spot the Aurora Borealis from your train window. With our base at Abisko Mountain Lodge, the 75-square-kilometre Abisko National Park was just steps away and the stunning Lake Torneträsk in the near distance. video is sponsored by the … A B-1B Lancer departs Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska on the it way to the Arctic Circle, Sept. 24, 2020. As our train worked its way around the edges of the mountains, we admired narrow fjords, steep mountain slopes, and random clusters of Nordic villages. The highest railway in Europe, the Arctic circle train, connecting Kiruna, Sweden to Narvik, Norway ends here. I remember it being very near. To learn more, please look at our private policy here. There’s also a night train from Stockholm to Gällivare, which takes around 15 hours. Cross the Arctic Circle! Combine spectacular scenery with skiing and a killer whale safari. Kiruna is the place to experience the midnight sun, polar night and the fantastical Northern Lights as they illuminate the skies with cascades of colour. Extending for hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (U.S. … Cross the Arctic Circle At 452 miles, the Nordland Railway is Norway’s longest. Combine spectacular scenery with skiing and a killer whale safari. Fun on Ice: Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Seeing the Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden. Her mission is to visit every country in the world. Depart on the Arctic Circle Aurora Adventure with Northern Alaska Tour Company. In contrast with the other towns in Lapland, Narvik almost feels like a cosmopolitan city despite its humble population of 18,500. This route covers 12 stops, from Kiruna to Narvik or vice versa. Arctic Circle Signpost — Take a picture with your group or your guide in front on the sign and receive your official Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate! It is also the place to go dog sledding and cross-country skiing through forests and alongside lakes, to visit Esrange, Europe’s largest civil space centre, or witness the historical relocation of Kiruna. Happy to share my itinerary. READ MORE: 10 Great Rail Journeys Around the World. In Rovaniemi, we also had the opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle, which lies 8km north of town. As compared to the other two parts of Lapland, this was our favorite spot. Are you planning to go to the Finnish Lapland? There are not many train routes above the Arctic Circle. The route takes us through the beautiful and varied landscapes of northern Norway. Travel the northernmost region of Europe on one of the greatest rail journeys in the world: the Arctic Circle Train and see Lapland by train. Plus, it\’s always warm and nice indoors (not like in Spain where we\’re based). It seems like everything required multiple connections between Rovaniemi to Kiruna. This area is also the official residence of Santa Claus, and his post office. There are seven countries in the Arctic Circle: Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Alaska (USA). There are a few other options here: Planning Winter break vacation. It is the longest rail line in Norway, with 44 stations, 293 bridges and 154 tunnels. The Arctic Circle Trail. Sleeping onboard the Arctic Circle Train. The best way to explore this massive wilderness area is by train, specifically the Arctic Circle Train. Fly to Arvidsjaur, bus • 11h 27m. It travels north and south twice a day, with one day and one night train going each way. Catch the Arctic Circle Train to visit many exciting destinations between Kiruna (Sweden) and Narvik (Norway). For more Christmas goodness, we also recommend the theme restaurant Santamus for a taste of good Lappish food and dance. Travel to Coldfoot Camp and see the vast arctic tundra landscape firsthand. We also made a day-trip to the original ICEHOTEL where we wandered through its gorgeous art suites and sipped cocktails from ice glasses. The Arctic Circle train journey was easily the most beautiful scenic route on our entire trip in Lapland. Our final stop was Narvik in Northern Norway, where the Arctic Circle Train journey ends. Arctic Circle Train from Narvik to Abisko Arctic Circle Train. I recommend getting a pass as it’s much more affordable and worthwhile. After Riksgränsen, the northernmost ski resort in Sweden, the train continues through a fairytale landscape of steep mountains, past the greenish waters of Ofotfjorden, one of Norway’s many fjords. It is the Norwegian Railway System’s longest line, and the only train to cross the Arctic Circle in Norway. How to get to the Swedish Arctic Circle. While the characteristically Lappish huskies and sleighs are missing in Narvik, there’s still a slew of activities available to the dare devils. hi Kristen, thanks for stopping by! Our voyage started in Rovaniemi, the capital of the Finnish Lapland, and a major gateway to the northern extreme. Then we hopped back onto the Arctic Circle Train and crossed borders into Sweden, where our next stop was Abisko. The Arctic Circle Train follows a unique round-trip route with 13 stops in Sweden and Norway, allowing day and overnight passengers the chance to enjoy this scenic route where, depending on the season you can experience the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun. You can choose to stop as many times as you want if you have a train pass (more info in the next paragraph). Thanks! I'm an adventure travel blogger, book author, and new mum on a quest to visit every country in the world! Choose between a berth in a couchette, sleeping car or treat yourself to a 1st Class compartment. Close to Kiruna is Jukkasjärvi, where you can visit the world-renowned Ice Hotel and find out how it feels to sleep in a bed made of ice. We’d heard that Abisko is the driest place in Sweden and is sheltered by the surrounding mountains from winds, which makes it one of the best places in the world to see Northern Lights. A one-way journey from Stockholm to Narvik (which takes 18.30 hours without stops) costs around 99euros per person. Note: This Tour begins at 7AM ONLY during our Summer Season (15 … While Abisko is a tiny town with a population of just over 85, its tranquility and quiet location also meant that we were truly in the heart of Lapland. Your article is wonderful! If you can only choose one section of the train route to take, this should be it. The sortie, part of a Bomber Task Force mission supporting U.S. European Command initiatives, was designed to give aircrews familiarity with operating in the Arctic. You can see all the stops here. Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail is often listed as one of the best long-distance hikes in the world. Take in the beautiful cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, graced by festive decorations and nature's own wintry adornments, before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). However, we allow you to accept or refuse cookies. Vast and rugged, Lapland is a large region that stretches across four countries and bounded by three different seas in the northernmost part of Europe. I hate the cold, especially since I grew up in the tropics, but I seriously feel the cold at all when we were there. ARCTIC CIRCLE TRAIN TO NARVIK Re-board the Arctic Circle Train and continue the scenic journey, passing through the little ski village of the area and across the border to the Norwegian town of Narvik. Learn how your comment data is processed. This train is running between Narvik in Norway, via Kiruna and Boden in Swedish Lapland, to Luleå on the Swedish Coast. WATCH NOW: Amazing CrossCountry HST train trip in England! We really liked Rovaniemi, it\’s such a cute and pretty town with so much nature around it. Here the best views begin and you can’t help but want to keep travelling west towards the wild Lofoten Islands. But your kids are relatively big so perhaps they won’t like that. Cross the mighty Yukon River as you continue south on the Dalton Highway, which at times parallels the trans-Alaska pipeline. Armed with some ultra-thick winter gear, we hopped on board the Arctic Circle Train and weaved our way through the sugar-coated wonderland. Since creating this website in 2008, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a full-time traveler and writer. thanks for great article. That’s the more affordable region. Maybe because it\’s a dry kind of cold, without the wet wind that chills your bones. Travel while you sleep and wake refreshed. Kiruna is also the place to go dog sledding and cross-country skiing through forests and alongside lakes, to visit Esrange, Europe’s largest civil space centre, or witness the historical relocation of Kiruna. We have a light dinner on board the train. I think 10 days is a good duration. Nellie Huang is the founder of WildJunket. The train line was initially opened to carry iron ore from Kiruna to Narvik. You can easily book tickets directly on the Scandinavia Rail website. The Arctic Circle Pass is priced at 364 SEK (~36€ / $40.25 /£30.70 ) and enables unlimited hop on hop off traveling in on the Kiruna – Narvik train route for 3 days by getting on or off at any of this next twelve stops. 10 hours. any particular places would you recommend to go with kids? Extending for hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. If you are looking to make a few stops, you’ll need to buy separate tickets for each leg of the trip. We took the train from Rovaniemi to Kemi (Finland) and then changed to a bus to Lulea (Sweden). This was by far the best part of the journey. The lodge provided transport for us. Alaska’s tundra environment is absolutely beautiful, whether you visit in the summer or the winter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It was an excellent launching pad to explore the surrounding wilderness. As we continue our way from the Norwegian town Narvik to Abisko in Sweden with the Arctic Circle Train, more tourists gather around us at the window, holding out their cameras in an attempt to capture the beauty of the landscape in a … :). Can you tell me, is there a specific Route called the Arctic Circle that takes you direct between the 2 towns? Moving from the towering Abisko National Park set in the Swedish mountains to the breathtaking Norwegian fjords gives you a deeper appreciation of this rugged landscape. The part from Narvik to Kiruna is called the "Arctic-Circle-Train". Dining Onboard The Arctic Circle Train. Over two weeks, we experienced three different parts of Lapland and drank in the spectacular landscapes and pristine nature that the area had to offer. Next, head inland by train to Östersund and view the beautiful scenery at every turn, before you cross the Arctic Circle into the 'Land of the Midnight Sun.' There are three routes you can take to go from Rovaniemi to Kiruna: see them here. Tall buildings rise from the city center, while the port extends all the way to the water’s edge and countless alpine houses stand on the hill slopes overlooking the city. Lapland is definitely a special place, you have to see it for yourself. All you need is jump on the train and show your Eurail Pass when the conductor comes. On the journey from Narvik to Stockholm, the Norwegian dining car converted to a Swedish dining car when it arrived in Kiruna. Right after conquering our fears, we headed up to the peak for a panoramic view of the surrounding fjords and it made the task well worth it. The trail stretches up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the edge of the ice cap to the fishing town of Sisimiut on the West coast. If you’re not interested in navigating your own way around Lapland or in taking a train, I recommend booking an Arctic tour that will bring you across the whole of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Arctic Circle Train is truly a phenomenal journey. We packed our schedule with fun winter activities, such as snowmobiling through the national park (where we almost fell into the frozen lake), a safari on dog sleighs, and a chairlift ride up to the Aurora Sky Station. I would like to ask how do I get from Rovaniemi onto the arctic circle train? Arctic Circle train tickets are available to everyone. Then travel through Sweden's breathtaking mountains and into Norway, arriving in Narvik with a day at leisure. That way you get to see the three countries thoroughly and also have a higher chance of catching the Northern Lights. This Norwegian coastal town offers exciting killer whale safaris where these giants can be watched in their natural habitat. If you don’t intend to get a Eurail Pass, the Swedish National Railways offer the Arctic Circle Pass, which is a flexible three-day ticket that allows you to hop on and off as much as you like (364 SEK or US$44). Arctic Explorer - Quest for the Northern Lights (New Year) Celebrate New Year and a Russian Christmas in style! She continues to help readers by sharing her travel experiences to off-grid destinations. This half of the journey is the most impressive and offers sweeping views through the mountains and along the stunning side of the fjord. The trip is just as beautiful in winter as in summer, and truly a memory for life. The price is amazing, considering how expensive things usually are in Scandinavia. We took the train from Rovaniemi to Kemi, then a bus to Lulea, and then a train from there to Abisko. This path edges the train line and was originally used by the men who built the railway, but is now a popular route for hikers and cyclists. Known as one of the greatest train journeys in the world, the Arctic Circle train brings travelers along stunning fjords, near frozen glaciers, under icy waterfalls and whisk you past fairytale towns. Berlin? We were lucky enough to watch the sky dance and dazzle, and the aurora lighting it up with beams of light yellow and green. Arctic Circle, parallel, or line of latitude around the Earth, at approximately 66°30′ N.Because of the Earth’s inclination of about 23 1 / 2 ° to the vertical, it marks the southern limit of the area within which, for one day or more each year, the Sun does not set (about June 21) or rise (about December 21). Taking the train is just one of the many fun things to do in Lapland though, bundle up and get ready for some icy thrills! The Arctic Circle Train officially starts in Stockholm and there are in total 12 stops along the journey to Narvik. I’ve been trying to plan an upcoming trip to the Lapland area and I really wanted to stop between Finland and Sweden in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kiruna and Abisko but have been struggling to find info on trains, buses etc. Our night trains travel from Narvik in the north to Malmö in the south. Ice-fishing on a frozen lake was exceptionally fun as was snow-shoeing in the darkness. En route, these attractions are of special interest: Abisko National Park, Björkliden ski resort and Riksgränsen mountain range, popularly explored by snowmobile, dog sled or helicopter. best places in the world to see Northern Lights, Switzerland Road Trip: My 2-Week Switzerland Itinerary, Portugal Itinerary: The Perfect 7-Day Portugal Road Trip, Puglia Road Trip: My 1-Week Southern Italy Itinerary, Best Day Trips from Amsterdam According to An Expat, 13 Cool Things to Do in Ilulissat, Greenland, Water, magazines and linen was provided. Rovaniemi is said to be the hometown of Santa Claus, so we actually visited his ‘home’, shook hands with him, and also went to the post office where they receive millions of letters from kids each year. The journey presents huge variety in landscape, culture, and climate. There were so many ways to get out and about â€“ we sledded with husky-dogs, rode on snowmobiles and even glided through the Luosto forest on a reindeer caravan. Read my review of the ICEHOTEL. Two bombers assigned to the unit completed flights that passed directly over the North Pole enroute to perform interoperability training with the Norwegian air force. If you choose to take Airlink Alaska’s Arctic Circle Tour, you’ll get to see a variety of wildlife during the day while on the road, including bears and moose. Scenic flights, fly / drive tours, overnight excursions to the Arctic Ocean from Fairbanks Alaska. The views were the most impressive: narrow fjords ran alongside us, mammoth mountains loomed in the far distance, and frozen lakes stretched for miles beneath our feet. Travel the northernmost region of Europe on one of the greatest rail journeys in the world: the Arctic Circle Train and see Lapland by train. A very picturesque route that passes through Abisko National Park and the Bjorkliden Ski resort, and is perhaps the most scenic train journeys of the world. The travel time is around 3 hours. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Daily flights run from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport to Kiruna and Gällivare within the Arctic Circle, and to Luleå, Arvidsjaur and Skellefteå, south of the circle. Please update your favorite link to the new site: Ted Daigle) The Eurail Pass covers the Arctic Circle Train journey and no reservation is needed. We use functional and performance cookies to optimize your user experience. That said, Rovaniemi itself is quite a cute, charming city. Hop on the Arctic Circle Express Train for an 11-day itinerary that takes guests through breathtaking mountain landscapes, gorgeous fjords, and stunning waterfalls that … But one of them is the Arctic-Circle-Train that connects the Norwegian Coast with the Swedish Coast. Recommended option. Besides the places I mentioned above, here are a few other stops that might be worth visiting: Kiruna is one of the most popular places in the Swedish Lapland to see the Northern Lights. If you don’t intend to get a Eurail Pass, the Swedish National Railways offer the. Catch the Arctic Circle Train to visit many exciting destinations between Kiruna (Sweden) and Narvik (Norway). Take a train from Winnipeg to Churchill to see polar bears lumbering through the snow (from the safe vantage point of a specially designed vehicle). hi Lynn, yes I think January is a great time! We did this trip in December all through to January, spending Christmas in Oslo. I’ve been trying to find route of Arctic Circle Train but cant get anything. Kiruna and Abisko are both awesome, don’t forget to check out the Ice Hotel near there. That would probably be really cool for your kids. plan to start from Stockholm, stop by Kiruna and Abisko for 2-3 days to check our luck with sighting the Northern Light. covers the Arctic Circle Train journey and no reservation is needed. Days 5-8 - Crossing the Arctic Circle and the Ofoten Railway to Narvik Today, we travel by coach to Jokkmokk, crossing the Arctic Circle on our way. All you need is jump on the train and show your Eurail Pass when the conductor comes.