ITS America advances the research and deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, improve mobility, promote sustainability, and increase efficiency and productivity. First, by looking at a large number of effective practices, it shows how ITS can be elaborated to improve transport users’ experience and sustainable development outcomes. Internationally compatible products. The Ray to advance transport tech in Texas. The Calix E7-2 Intelligent Access System allows you to deploy the bandwidth you need now over the technology available, with the flexibility to easily keep pace with accelerating change. Nuro raises $500m to develop AV tech. Collectively, these technologies have the potential to integrate vehicles (transit, trucks, and personal vehicles), system users, and infrastructure (roads and transit). The present paper reviews how intelligent transport system (ITS) applications relate to the facilitation of transport from a sustainable development perspective. Smart mobility is becoming an alternative technology of transportation development for today and the future. WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Wisk, an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company, is progressing with its Transport Trial, which will advance autonomous passenger transport … April 1, 2021. How intelligent video security supports smart mobility. By connecting Goodyear’s intelligent tires with a vehicle’s ABS system, braking performance can be optimized for the situation and tire state while helping with the steerability of the vehicle. IET Intelligent Transport Systems is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to research into the practical applications of ITS and infrastructures. Previous studies by Goodyear indicate that integration of these two components can reduce the stopping distance loss by about 30%. InHand Networks is a global leader in Industrial IoT with product portfolio including industrial M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial computers and IoT management platforms. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies include state-of-the-art wireless, electronic, and automated technologies. Therefore, the European Commission has on 30 th of November 2016 adopted a European Strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), a milestone initiative towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility. MRTS200 General Requirements for Intelligent Transport Systems Infrastructure (July 2017): MRTS200 Technical Specification (PDF, 259 KB) MRTS201 General Equipment Requirements (March 2021): MRTS201 Technical Specification (PDF, 590 KB) MRTS202 Variable Message Signs (November 2019): MRTS202 Technical Specification (PDF, 230 KB) Thailand has applied the intelligent transport system (ITS) to improve traffic and transport services. We provide complete IoT solutions for various vertical markets including Smart Grid, Industrial Automation, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City, Retail and more. Our members are involved in all facets of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) … The E7-2 Intelligent Access System is built on the mature, award winning AXOS Software Defined Access (SDA) platform. In order to improve mobility and enhance safety on roads, Icoms Detections has been designing and manufacturing sensors for road traffic management based on microwave technology since 1993, meeting the needs of intelligent transport systems (ITS). March 31, 2021. ARC-IT 9.0 includes changes to all views of the National ITS Reference Architecture to incorporate a remodeled Communications view, new services, more detailed information exchanges, additional physical objects, and a revamped Architecture Use section.Read more... March 2021 – Both RAD-IT and SET-IT have been updated with bug fixes and performance improvements. March 31, 2021.