To counter the popularity of these illegal broadcasters and the ongoing success of Radio Luxembourg, the BBC is restructured, establishing Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4. 5. Hi there, Just go ahead with Radio Luxembourg English service DRM broadcasting. Radio Luxembourg was the very first Radio Station to carry a UK chart. 1968 Radio Luxembourg 208 changes its format, shifting from sponsored pre-recorded programmes to an all-live format with commercial breaks. There is no reception in this part of the world yet, maby some day. Along came Athlone’s radio rebels, and the landscape was changed forever. Also a stint, on land, at Radio Luxembourg 1967: In at the launch of BBC Radio One and continues with weekend shows, including Saturday Club and Radio 2 shows until 1974 Radio Luxembourg Top 30 Show Presented by Tony (The Royal Ruler) Prince 8th May 1983 Radio Luxembourg was without doubt one of my favorite stations of all time. There were still some great discs being produced on the London American label. Jan Šesták says listening to Radio Luxembourg every evening was his escape from stultifying everyday life in a totalitarian society. I wrote stuff down in notepads. A decade and a half after Radio Caroline thrilled the kids and shocked the prudes across the water, Athlone enjoyed its own radio revolution. By the 1960s, Radio Luxembourg, Your Station of the Stars, had embraced popular music in a way that even early BBC Radio 1 would never manage. Mar 12, 2021 - The two land base commercial radio stations beaming their signal mainly at UK and working hand in hand. Back in those days, kids who wanted to listen to rock had two choices: what was then Radio 2, or Radio Luxembourg. Still do. Radio Luxembourg has moved with the changing times, progressively conscious of the needs of the public it serves. I loved sales charts. See more ideas about radio, radio station, luxembourg. Some fans did though, and posted them online, but with some years missing, including 1971 1972 and parts of 1973. However things were already changing as the arrival of ITV was beginning to seriously impact on Luxembourg's advertising revenue and some of their most popular presenters were beginning to jump ship for lucrative television roles. But i'd disagree. ... , soon after going to work there, ... , Radio Luxembourg closed down. Radio Luxembourg went the way of all things and passed on eventually, and it turns out no-one kept a record of their charts. Hans Krauss Ballincollig, co.cork, Ireland (09/04/2007).. 3. The world has changed; techniques have changed in sales promotion and marketing. “After a whole day in the communist milieu in Czechoslovakia… on the radio those crazy Communists were saying their stupid things, in the newspaper you just took the last page with the sport. This was a sad day for everyone that remembered the station during its heyday. Did my own charts of favourites and lists. By the time i was listening in the early 80's some consider it's hey day was already past. Today Radio Luxembourg accepts the challenge of competition, confident of a traditional past and a healthy, robust future. Luxy provided a life line back then to teenagers who weren't interested in what Janice Long and John Peel served up on Radio … The record programmes, brought to you by each label in turn or by various shampoo and chocolate manufacturers, were very different from the American-style output of the “pirates” but still very cool. The "Original Top 20", it was known as in the 80s, but it started as a Sheet Music Chart with Teddy Johnson in … Radio Luxembourg's all time peak of daily listeners was in 1955 with an average of 8.9 million. A blue plaque was unveiled yesterday in Mayfair, London, to celebrate almost 60 years of Radio Luxembourg broadcasting to the British public with DJ Timmy Mallett attending. Recieve on 6095 in drm very nice signal Nick Brest, Belarus (14/04/2011).. 4.